Civic Collaboration Consultants offers coaching, design and evaluation services to support efforts to catalyze enduring, positive community change through cross-sector collaboration.

Collaborative Leadership Coaching
Leading in a collaborative environment is distinct from exercising organizational leadership. Chris helps leaders understand the key differences and develop and use critical skills essential to collaborative leadership, including inquiry, building trust and understanding context. Chris has designed a series of interactive workshops to help organizational leaders develop their ability to exercise collaborative leadership.

Collaboration is process used to achieve enduring, positive change. Without a healthy, effective process change will not occur. Chris uses tools developed during more than a decade of hands on experience to evaluate the quality of the collaboration process to help strengthen its health and effectiveness as the collaboration unfolds.

Collaboration Design
Chris uses an inquiry-based approach to help civic leaders design new collaborations. Chris helps leaders develop a shared understanding of the current situation, explore what change is possible and create the capacity needed to sustain an effective collaboration.

Workshops and Presentations
Chris provides presentations and workshops on the preconditions and essential elements of cross-sector leadership. He also facilitates a workshop jointly developed by the Fund for Our EconomicFuture, Leadership Akron and the Cleveland Leadership Center on collaborative leadership skills